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Welcome to the 2022 Pool Season.

This year things look a little different starting with the way we apply and check in.  Emerson is using an online app called Amenity Linc; this is instead of the paper applications and hard data cards we have used in prior years.  The link to sign up comes from the Community Manager only.  If you are an Emerson resident, please email me at [email protected] and provide you full name, address, and contact information.  Please include other adults in your household and I will send them a sign up link as well.

Please note that the email you will receive is from [email protected] NOT Emerson.  I know it may look like a spam ad to download something but it is the invitation you need to download the app and you can only get that after I send it to you.

What’s involved this year in signing up for the poolIf I had a unqiue email address for you, you already received an email from Amenity Linc to download the app.  You can only get the download information from me or from an email I send.  If your household uses the same email, you will have to get a different one for somebody.

Once you get the email you can then log in and set up your “household”.  All adults and children are part of the same household even if adults/spouses have unique emails for downloading the app.  You are required to put a picture in so it shows on your pass! Tenants will need to have the home owner send me the Permission Form before I will activate any accounts.

There are two categories in each household:  Adult and Child.  Only adults can check themselves in — anyone who is added with the checkbox for “child” selected will NOT be able to check themselves in; the parent will select their name when checking themselves into the pool.  As you are adding members of your household to this app keep the following in mind:

·         additional adults in your home can be added with a separate email and phone number.  You will need to contact me so I can send them the link to join.

·         your teen (14 and older) that can come to the pool themselves needs to be listed as an ADULT with a corresponding unique email address for them

·         your child 13 and younger needs to come with someone over 18;If they come with a neighbor we can print a laminated pass for them so they can use that to check in (but to print a pass I still need them listed as an adult so you may need to create an email for them)

·         Only my office can send the email invitations/links out; they cannot be copied.

Pool patrons will be asked to sign a COVID Waiver when they come to the pool.  If your child is a minor (under 18 years of age), they will need a form from you to be signed for them.

Questions?  Email me at [email protected] and I will help you out.  Pool related forms are found under separate menu item on the Home Page.


If you want to see a video of what it’s like to check in, click HERE.