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To order a Resale Package, please do the following:

  1. Go to: https//
  2. You will come to a login page.
  3. Assuming you do not have an account, you will make one.
  4. When asked for your Requestor Type: You will select “Owner/Seller OR Real Estate Professional”
  5. From there you just have to fill in your information and follow the prompts.

When ordering documents please ensure that you have selected the correct HOA to order from, as the system will NOT correct you and CANNOT be changed after the order has been placed.

Also please be sure to select Resale Disclosure Package (MD).

Orders are processed within 15– 20 Calendar Days; If you need the package sooner you will need to order an expedite (order is processed within 8 – 14 Calendar days or 1 – 7 Calendar Days) with your package which is an extra charge.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call the office at 301-317-4044


If you need a Certificate of Insurance or Master Policy

Click here for a certificate request form for homeowners or banks who need additional information included on the COI.

AIAI’s certificate department receives many requests for certificates of insurance daily. As a result, it typically takes at least 24 hours to accommodate these requests after they are made.

Please use the attached form which will provide AIAI with all necessary information and make processing more timely. The Certificate Request form can be sent by:

Any other issues or questions can be address to Community Archives at 1-800-995-0682