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Associa – CMC, the largest community management company in North America managing 12,000+ community associations, announced that Emerson has won this year’s national competition for the highly coveted 2021 Associa Green Community Award.

Associa’s announcement included in part,The judging panel was notably impressed with Emerson’s community engagement as the community leaders and residents strive to be good stewards of natural resources. We were also especially impressed with the education and innovation efforts of the environmental committees in your community”.  

The Associa Green Award recognizes Associa-managed associations that host environmentally friendly community events and promote green living in their communities through seven categories: green building, energy efficiency, efficient water use, trees and green space, recycling and waste reduction, education and innovation. A $2,500 prize is also awarded by Associa towards a ECA Green initiative.

Emerson Community Association has undertaken many measures to meet its Environmental and Wildlife stewardship vision in ways that protect and enhance Emerson’s desirabiliity and property values: transitioning to native, non-invasive plants for landscaping; installing Little Free Library Enchanted Reading Pollinator Gardens in four parks, complete with plant-identification signage; investing in forest restoration and improvements to 17 Storm Water Management Ponds; storm-drain stenciling to remind residents of our relationship to the watershed;  and working with local schools and residents to develop Green Field Trips into Preservation areas, amoung other efforts. Emerson Environment & Habitat Protection Initiative Program leader JEAN SILVER-ISENSTADT said, “Emerson is developing a deeper care-taking approach to the land we steward, where beauty is more than skin deep, and reflects the health of the whole.”

We are very grateful to many neighbors who are leading our efforts; JUNG and CHELSEA LEE who organize our Spring Clean Up, FELICIA JACKSON-TAYLOR who leads Emerson Beautification, ESHA DHORA for leading our consideration of a composting service, and so many others. We also thank Steffanie Nollie who organized our winning submission application. Thank you all!

ECA’s efforts marry our stewardship of the environment and wildlife habitats with the profit motive of protecting & enhancing Emerson’s desirability and property values. When you sell or rent your home we encourage you to highlight our community’s uniqueness, where one-third of Emerson is reserved for green and open spaces and families can thrive in a sustainable attractive community.


Current Step: (Background; the County is requiring a new water line and fire hydrant be installed on the site). This week we submitted to Howard County Planning & Zoning the estimated installation cost and the contractor’s license who will perform the work. We have already submitted a Water Plan/Profile and Easement Plat (for the water line & hydrant).

Next Step: Planning & Zoning accepts the cost & license documents and notifies us to make a 25% advance payment for the cost. We are currently working on accelerating their notification.

Step Three:  Once 25% advance payment is made, Howard County will record the easement in the Court and Planning & Zoning should then complete the final signature of the Site Development Plan which is then physically sent to Howard County License & Permits. We are working to accelerate these tasks.

Step Four:  Howard County License & Permits then certifies the Site Development Plan and issues our Building Permit. At that point we will mobilize construction and the Board will vote to approve demolishing the center section of the current building. We are working to accelerate these tasks.

The Board reviewed this particular Water Line and Hydrant approval process and is questioning the timing of a subcontractor’s submission of required documents to the County described in “Current Step” which may have caused an unneccessary 60 +/- day delay. We find this possible delay unacceptable and have taken immediate steps to avoid such delays in the future.

The entire Project team is now focused on finishing the permit process with an expectation for demolition to begin in January. Prior to demolition Whiting Turner will re-price the project with sub-contractors and update the Board on a new total project cost commitment. The Board maintains our position that we will not increase HOA Fees to fund the construction project.

We remain focused on completing enough of the building to allow the pool to open Memorial Day Weekend 2022; completing the exterior and pump room first, interior finishes and furnishings last. As a safeguard, we are also developing a plan to operate the pool if we cannot immediately use the building’s new restrooms and access the pool area from the new gate entrance.

If you have any questions please email [email protected].


This week Construction is being started in the pool mechanical room, the first step in this process and necessary for other things to happen.  The mechanical room/pump room will be completely disassembled and nearly everything replaced due to age and age-related failure.

What this also means is a significant change for nearby residents:  it’s going to get noisy.  Clearly there will be louder moments than others (such as the demolition of the current structure) but I will alert the community when we are anticipating such times.  If you live near the Clubhouse (Enclave at Emerson, June Flowers, Star Moon Lane, Sunbeam Place, Purple Cloud Row, or Light Moon Way) noise issues will affect you greater than others.  Please keep in mind that legally the crews can start at 7am; they will likely not work past 4 or 5pm.  Our General Contractor, Whiting Turner, is also on site in Haddon Hall and I can tell you from my experiences there that they really try to go the extra mile to work with communities.

Any issues or questions along the way, just email me!


CMC will begin Emerson’s Annual Comprehensive Inspections starting with the Townhomes.  This is the time to start with:

  • powerwash siding, deck, fascia
  • remove weeds from landscape beds
  • remove weeds from lawn


Community Affairs Committee – First Wednesday of Every Month

Discussing concerns and everything that effects Emerson! Want to get involved with Diversity, Beautification, Education, or the Environment? Join us by Zoom – this will be the same link for each meeting. Join Zoom Meeting | Meeting ID: 839 8637 4659 | Passcode: 163258