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Do you need an application for a project?  Get it here.  Residents can log in and see full guidelines under “Documents/Internal Documents”.


This week Construction is being started in the pool mechanical room, the first step in this process and necessary for other things to happen.  The mechanical room/pump room will be completely disassembled and nearly everything replaced due to age and age-related failure.

What this also means is a significant change for nearby residents:  it’s going to get noisy.  Clearly there will be louder moments than others (such as the demolition of the current structure) but I will alert the community when we are anticipating such times.  If you live near the Clubhouse (Enclave at Emerson, June Flowers, Star Moon Lane, Sunbeam Place, Purple Cloud Row, or Light Moon Way) noise issues will affect you greater than others.  Please keep in mind that legally the crews can start at 7am; they will likely not work past 4 or 5pm.  Our General Contractor, Whiting Turner, is also on site in Haddon Hall and I can tell you from my experiences there that they really try to go the extra mile to work with communities.

Any issues or questions along the way, just email me!


CMC will begin Emerson’s Annual Comprehensive Inspections starting with the Townhomes.  This is the time to start with:

  • powerwash siding, deck, fascia
  • remove weeds from landscape beds
  • remove weeds from lawn


Community Affairs Committee – First Wednesday of Every Month

Discussing concerns and everything that effects Emerson! Want to get involved with Diversity, Beautification, Education, or the Environment? Join us by Zoom – this will be the same link for each meeting. Join Zoom Meeting | Meeting ID: 839 8637 4659 | Passcode: 163258